Here Come The Clowns

The day before the clowns came a crazy old man ran gibbering through the streets of our small town…

The next day a tent appeared in the Potter’s Field…

At first the kids thought that the circus had come to town…

…but the tent smelled like rotting so they ran away!

That night, a low sing-song music coaxed Bradley from his troubled dreams…

He found himself at the tent. Twisted snaking tendrils dragged him inside.

Bradley was the first to disappear…

The police went to the tent during the day. It was empty.

But that night the clowns came out…

People hid in their homes as the midnight parades came through

…but there was no hiding from the clowns.

That night the mayor awoke to find a balloon animal sitting on her bed.

That’s when she realised the clowns were in the room.

All across the town kids found there were, in fact, things hiding under their beds

The horror went on all night

But LaToya slept through it all.

Her house was empty. Her family was gone.

The town was empty. LaToya was the only one left.

But she knew exactly where they’d gone.

And she knew she was going in after them.

So she walked inside.

Into the tent

Into the tent 2

Into the tent 3

Then she saw the clowns…

…they were all laughing.